Oral Surgery in North Richland Hills


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Regular dental cleanings and exams are the best way to keep your mouth healthy. Sometimes, however, oral surgery in North Richland Hills becomes necessary to preserve your smile and oral health. If you need a surgical procedure, you’ll be in good hands with Dr. R. Renan Williams. He has over three decades of experience! Having your procedure done in our office provides you these key benefits:

  • Gentle, expert care to restore health to your mouth
  • Your choice of two types of calming sedation
  • A caring staff who will make sure your procedure goes smoothly
  • Pain relief so you can relax and feel better soon
  • Prevention of related problems with your body’s overall health
  • Ability to smile with confidence and eat comfortably again

Extractions & Impacted Tooth Removal

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A tooth that can not be saved with restorative materials may need to be removed. To provide our patients with  treatment that is both accessible and familiar, we are able to provide on-site extractions instead of referring patients out to another office. 

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to erupt, usually between the ages of 17-25. While most people have 4 wisdom teeth, some people do not have any wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth may only partially erupt through the gum or there may not be enough space in the mouth for them to erupt. Any wisdom tooth or teeth that are deemed problematic are normally extracted to avoid any oral complications.

Crown Lengthening

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Crown lengthening is commonly used to expose more tooth structure, crown lengthening involves the removal of gum tissue and/or bone to expose more of a tooth's structure.

Bone Grafting

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Bone grafting is the replacement or enhancement of bone around teeth. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone collapses. Bone grafting is performed to reverse bone loss or enhance bone. The bone can be taken from parts of the body or from synthetic material. Bone grafting allows for proper support of dental implants or prostheses.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting treats root exposure resulting from receded gum tissue.  Tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth or from gum tissue near the tooth and stitched into the area needing gingival repair.

Learn more about Gum Grafting

Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation involves placing a regenerative bone grafting material into empty tooth sockets to rebuild bone where an extraction has left an empty, weakened area. This process encourages your body’s natural capacity to regenerate bone.

Bone regeneration works to help rebuild the jaw bone and surrounding tissue. This procedure is often performed to protect your existing teeth.  Membranes, bone grafts or tissue-stimulating proteins can be used to encourage the body's natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue.

Sedation Dentistry

With any of our oral surgery procedures, you always have your choice of relaxing sedation:

  • Laughing gas (inhaled sedation) that will give you a euphoric feeling and help you relax.
  • Oral sedation with a small pill we will prescribe beforehand. You’ll feel relaxed and slightly groggy, but you’ll remain awake.

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