What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

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One of the most common dental restorations is a dental crown. This is a tooth-shaped “cap” that goes over an existing tooth or dental implant. If you need a crown for a tooth repair or other procedure, you may wonder, “What are dental crowns made of, and are there different options?” Read on to learn more about the materials available and how they compare.

What Materials Are Used for Crowns?

A number of different materials may be used for dental crowns, and each has different advantages. Options may include:

  • Ceramic – This material can blend in well with other teeth for a natural look without the use of any metal.
  • Porcelain – Similar to ceramic, porcelain can blend in well with natural teeth. A difference is that the interior may be made from metal for greater durability. 
  • Zirconia - This metal-free option uses zirconium dioxide, a white powdered ceramic material that can allow for stronger and thinner dental crowns with easy color-matching to surrounding teeth.
  • Metals – These are considered the strongest type of crowns and may be made from materials such as platinum, gold, and copper. Because of their noticeable appearance, some people prefer them for use in the back of the mouth. Also, some people may have sensitivity to metal, which is something to consider.
  • Resin – This is made from a combination of plastic-type materials that can closely match the color of natural teeth. Resin is generally considered more affordable but weaker than other options.

What Materials Are Best? 

The material you choose depends on what will work best for you. Here in our North Richland Hills dental office, Dr. R.R. Williams, DDS, provides crowns fashioned from zirconia or porcelain. We find that these options work well for patients who need restorative treatment or wish to improve the appearance and shape of their teeth. Benefits may include structural integrity and a natural look that blends in well with other teeth.

For certain patients, zirconia may offer additional advantages, such as:

  • Less need to remove healthy tooth tissue because of its thinner profile
  • Strength to withstand forceful biting and chewing

What Factors Should You Consider?

As you’re deciding on what material might work best for you, some questions to consider are: 

  • Where in your mouth will the crown be placed?
  • How important are appearance and durability?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have any sensitivity to metal?

It’s always a good idea to talk with your dentist about any concerns you have and ask questions about your individual treatment plan.

Can Crowns Be Used for Cosmetic Purposes?

In addition to restorations, some people may choose to have crowns to reshape their teeth and improve the look of their smile. If you’re considering treatment for aesthetic purposes, Dr. Williams can help you custom design a solution that works for you. The best way to know your options is to schedule a consultation.

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