Spring Is A Great Time For Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

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It may not get as blustery cold here as it does in many other parts of the country during the winter season, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t just as excited about spring as everyone else!

From sports to outdoor concerts to family trips, spring is a fun, active time of year when we all start socializing again. That means we redirect our attention to sprucing ourselves up before we step out and about.

Our team at R. R. Williams DDS wants to help you step into spring in style with a beautiful, bright smile!

Spring Is A Great Time For Cosmetic Dentistry!

Let spring be a time to refresh, or even reinvent, your smile with cosmetic dentistry treatment in North Richland Hills, TX! Here are a few ways we can make that happen for you:

*Get Whiter Teeth*

Even if you have pretty straight, nicely-shaped teeth, all that can go unnoticed against dull or dark stains and discoloration on your enamel.

So one of the easiest ways we correct that problem is with our advanced teeth whitening system!

We offer two different home treatment options that provide the same convenience of store-bought kits with dramatically superior results!

After only a few whitening sessions with your professional, customized kit from Dr. Williams, you can attend all your spring events in style with a bright, confident smile!

*Get An Even Smile*

A smile can look out of balance in a few different ways.

You could have several teeth that are all sized or shaped differently, making your smile look uneven.

Or you could have extra gum tissue that covers a good portion of your teeth and makes them look disproportionately small.

A great-looking smile needs a nice visual balance, where all your teeth get the attention they deserve, and they line up together in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

We can accomplish that with treatments like tooth bonding, teeth contouring and crown lengthening, as well as gum reshaping.

These are all affordable, non-invasive solutions that can make a big difference in the overall look of your smile!

*Get A Smile That Pops*

Dental veneers are fairly easy to come by these days since they’re a widely-popular cosmetic treatment offered in many dentist offices across the country.

They used to be reserved for Hollywood celebrities, but we see veneers everywhere now.

While it’s great that veneers are more accessible to the general public, it’s not necessarily a good thing that you see them so often.

That’s because the best dental veneers look beautifully natural, the sort of smile change you want others to notice but not necessarily to identify. They hide:

  • Stains and discoloration
  • Misshapen or worn teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Dental damage like chips, cracks, and rough edges

Dr. Williams can create custom dental veneers and bond them comfortably over imperfect teeth to make them look natural, yet stunning so that your smile doesn’t look fake.

Just flawless!

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Dr. Williams has over three decades of experience as a dentist, years he has dedicated to building beautiful smiles for our North Richland Hills patients.

Let him and our team do the same for you with our diverse, high-quality cosmetic dentistry treatments!

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