Protect Your Smile From Dry Mouth This Summer [BLOG]

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Make sure your smile doesn’t fall victim to dehydration and dry mouth in the heat of summer!

It could mean you’re at a higher risk for dental problems that go far beyond difficulty swallowing and general discomfort.

Find solutions to your dry mouth with treatment at R.R. Williams, DDS in North Richland Hills, TX! We’ll make sure to provide you with solutions that keep your smile safe.

Why Your Smile Needs Saliva

Saliva is far more valuable to your smile and your oral health than we tend to give it credit for!

It’s a remarkable way your body is constantly working on your behalf because saliva is composed of minerals and natural bacteria-fighting agents that shield your teeth and gums from harm.

Here are some ways you benefit from saliva and may not even realize it:

*It washes away food particles and sugary residue that get left behind after you eat and drink.

*It gives your tooth enamel calcium it needs to remain strong.

*It keeps your breath fresher.

*Its coats your teeth, making it harder for dark colors in food and drinks to stain them.

Protect Your Smile From These Dry Mouth Dangers

Saliva production has come to a screeching halt, and now you’re left with a dry, sticky mouth. That’s unpleasant enough, but here are a few more ways dry mouth can mean danger for your healthy smile!

*More Cavities*

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria consumes your leftovers that weren’t effectively washed away or dislodged from between your teeth. Specifically, it’s that feasting process that generates acids that eat holes through your tooth enamel. That’s why dry mouth can lead to an increased risk for cavities. Without saliva to wash away food and debris in your mouth, your enamel is much more susceptible to those harmful acids.

*Smelly Breath*

A dry mouth is often a smelly mouth. That’s because you don’t have enough saliva to wash away tiny food particles that get stinkier the longer they’re stuck between your teeth. On top of that, you also don’t have the advantage of the bacteria-fighting agents saliva contains to maintain fresher breath.

*Weaker Teeth*

Saliva isn’t just necessary because of the protective coating it gives your teeth to shield it from acids. It’s needed to provide your teeth with valuable minerals, like calcium, to strengthen and repair your enamel. Without it, you get the dry, sticky discomfort and weaker teeth!

*Greater Risk For Gum Disease*

In the same way that harmful acids in your mouth created by bacteria erode your enamel, they will eat away your healthy gum tissue. A dry mouth lacks saliva to wash away what’s left behind from your foods and drinks, so bad bacteria will have plenty to feast on. With a steady food source, that bacteria can lead to infection, gum recession, and tooth loss.

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A dry, sticky mouth is not only uncomfortable, but it could ignite a host of dental dangers that put your healthy smile at risk.

Don’t let that happen this summer! Visit our North Richland Hills, TX dental office if you’re experiencing dry mouth symptoms and let us help you find the source and solution!

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