Next Year, Trust ClearCorrect, Not Cupid! [BLOG]

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You had the perfect romantic evening planned with your sweetheart, but you just couldn’t shake the insecurity you felt about your crooked, gapped teeth.

It may not sound like a total moodkiller, but an unattractive smile can spoil a lot of special occasions for the person who has it.

No one knows that better than your North Richland Hills, TX dentist, Dr. Williams.

He and our team have spent years helping patients create more beautiful smiles with cosmetic dentistry, including orthodontics.

And we want to help you, too!

Forget Cupid! You can enjoy a better Valentine’s Day next year with help from our team at R.R. Williams, DDS and a fantastic orthodontic solution called ClearCorrect!

Impress Cupid With ClearCorrect!

As you’re about to learn, one year is just the right amount of time to straighten crooked teeth and close the gaps in your smile, thanks to ClearCorrect in North Richland Hills, TX. When you’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart next year, Cupid will be impressed that you don’t really need his help making your special someone melt at the sight of your fantastic new smile!

Here are three important advantages to clear aligners over metal braces:


Reserved for less complicated bite alignment and teeth spacing issues, ClearCorrect works. No, it’s not a conventional orthodontic solution like the metal brackets and wires you’re familiar with, but it’s just as effective at delivering results. This system moves your teeth with plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit over your teeth. Every couple of weeks, you switch to the next set of teeth trays in your series. In about 22 hours a day and about 12 months or less, you’ll end up with a gorgeous straight smile!


One of the best perks of using aligners to straighten your teeth is that you don’t have to wait until your treatment is over to feel confident about your appearance.

ClearCorrect trays are practically invisible, so while you’re getting results with each new set of aligners in your series, your teeth are becoming more and more aligned, and no one else has to know anything about your orthodontic treatment!

You’ll feel confident about your new smile, and you’ll feel confident in the discreet method you’ve chosen to create that new smile!


Because your teeth aligners are custom-made to fit you, and only you, you’ll have no trouble getting used to wearing them. This system moves teeth into the right position more gently, but just as effectively, as conventional braces. Not just that, but you’ll have smooth plastic inside your mouth instead of hard brackets and wires rubbing against your lips and cheeks.

That makes a system like ClearCorrect far more comfortable an orthodontic solution for our patients!

Let’s Get Started!

When you visit Dr. Williams for a consultation now, you have a much better chance of completing your treatment by the time the next Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Only this time, you won’t need anything but your straight, beautiful smile to wow your sweetheart!

Call R.R. Williams DDS today at 817-281-4801 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment in North Richland Hills, TX.