Implant Dentistry Gives You More Dietary Options

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If you wear conventional dentures, you may find yourself passing on some of your favorite foods like crunchy apples or juicy steaks. That’s because dentures can become loose or even dislodged by vigorous chewing. Implant dentistry will restore your chewing power, so it’s nearly as strong as it was before you lost teeth.

That’s because dental implants are embedded in your jaw. Your bone actually fuses to them, creating a highly stable foundation for dentures and other restorations. That’s in contrast to conventional dentures, which are kept in place mostly by suction. (Maybe supplemented with adhesive!)

Check out our infographic to see some of the many reasons you may want to consider dental implant dentures. Then call R.R. Williams DDS today at 817-281-4801 or fill out our online form to see if you’re a good candidate for implant dentistry in North Richland Hills, TX.

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