Have A Better Year With Dental Implants! [BLOG]

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Tooth loss can take a lot from you, but no other time of year brings that to the forefront of your mind quite like the holidays. While everyone around you enjoys a full buffet of delicious foods, you scan the table for food that’s soft enough for your dentures to handle.

And while everyone around you seems relaxed and comfortable, you’re too preoccupied about the problems with your teeth or the appearance of your smile to do the same.

For those reasons, you’re probably glad the holidays are over.

We don’t blame you. In fact, we hope to help you avoid those same experiences in 2020 with our modern dental implant solutions at R.R. Williams, DDS in North Richland Hills, TX!

Make It A Great Year With Dental Implants!

The reason dental implants make such a difference compared to other replacement solutions is that they replace the missing root underneath the new tooth. They naturally fuse with your jawbone, keeping it engaged, strong, and healthy with every bite.

The fact that your replacement teeth are locked down with artificial tooth roots means you have a bite that’s nearly as strong as a natural tooth and a stable, youthful facial structure that preserves your overall appearance.

*Look, Feel & Live Better*

With firmly-placed new teeth that are secured to dental implants, so much about your life will change for the better.

Your diet won’t be limited like it would if you wore conventional dentures. You can chew your food thoroughly, which will aid digestion. With a wider variety of food choices, you can enjoy better nutrition and overall health.

But aside from the physical and functional differences, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your teeth won’t slip around, affect your speech, or embarrass you when you’re around family, friends, and colleagues.

You can also feel more secure about your smile’s appearance, since our restorations are of the highest quality and replicate teeth in the most lifelike way possible.

The bottom line is that dental implants deliver positive results for patients physically and emotionally.

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As the first month of the year comes to an end, be sure you’ve taken the first step in one of the best resolutions for improving your oral and overall health.

Visit Dr. Williams for a dental implants consultation! We will help you find the best way to replace your missing teeth with implants so you can eat, feel, and live better in 2020!

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