Give Thanks For Bright, Healthy Teeth This Season! [BLOG]

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At R. R. Williams, DDS, our goal is to provide the resources and the dental care you and your family need to maintain healthy teeth and gums all year long.

Sometimes that means giving you some helpful tips for getting through holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s without having to make huge dietary sacrifices that force you to fight the urge to indulge your sweet tooth every now and then!

That’s why your friends in North Richland Hills, TX are here once again to help you strike the right balance between enjoying delicious holiday treats and keeping your smile bright and healthy through it all.

Keep Your Smile Bright & Healthy For The Holidays!

We want you and your family to enjoy the holidays without spoiling your sparkling smiles, so here are a few dental tips to keep in mind:

*Enjoy Sweets In Moderation*

No surprises here!

We’d never suggest that you should cut out all the sweets and treats you only get to indulge in a couple of times a year. That would sure take some of the fun out of the holidays!

But like you do all throughout the year, it’s always smart to eat sugar-packed foods in moderation. You can enjoy the eggnog, the cookies, and the candy so long as those special treats don’t become replacements for balanced, healthy meals throughout the day.

*Avoid Teeth Stains*

Red wine, coffee, hot chocolate, cranberry sauce, fruit salad are all the types of acidic, bold-colored treats many of us enjoy during the holidays.

So keep in mind that foods and drinks containing darker pigments are going to have the biggest impact on the color of your teeth if you’re not careful.

You should stay well-hydrated by drinking lots of water so that your teeth have a good coating of saliva. This will make it harder for dark pigments to stick to your enamel and dull your smile.

Another tip is to rinse your mouth with water after meals to wash away any food particles or residue left behind that may want to linger in your mouth or on your teeth!

*Load Up On Protein & Veggies*

The good news about Thanksgiving dinner is that yours will likely include a lot of nutrient-rich foods your teeth need for strength, most of all lean protein like turkey, and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

Sure, we dress dishes up with creamy sauces, gravy, cheeses, and carb-loaded foods, but including those essential proteins and veggies into your holiday favorites will help you consume the vitamins and nutrients your smile needs instead of skipping them this time of year completely.

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Your North Richland Hills dentist is grateful for your trust in providing quality, comprehensive dental care for you and your family.

We’re happy when our patients have healthy, bright smiles, and we want to help make sure everyone you love most has that heading into the busy holidays.

Visit us after Thanksgiving for a dental cleaning and exam, and we will make sure your mouth is clean and healthy so your family can enjoy a pain-free, joyous season!

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