Don’t Let Dry Mouth Spoil Your Valentine Kiss! [BLOG]

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You only have a few days to get ready for that romantic date with your Valentine.

Among the important loose ends to tie up between now and then is your problem with dry mouth!

This is definitely not something you want to spoil your special night, so our team at R.R. Williams DDS in North Richland Hills, TX is here to help you have a fresh, clean mouth for that special Valentine kiss!

Dry Mouth Is Sticky Business!

Dry mouth is sticky business for your smile, for sure! Here are a few reasons why, followed by some quick remedies to try in time for your special Valentine’s Day date!

*Bad Breath*

Lack of saliva means you can’t clean your mouth of food particles that are left there to spoil and stink up your mouth, nor do you have a way to wash away debris in your mouth naturally.

So the inevitable result is bad breath!


Dry mouth is a source of constant discomfort, given the sticky residue in leaves behind. It also affects your lips, making lipstick gather unequally, and unattractively, in certain spots.

*Poor Taste*

Many people don’t realize that, among its many benefits, saliva also makes your food taste better. It’s easier to enjoy your food when your taste buds are coated with saliva, not foul-smelling bacteria.

*Chapped Lips*

Dry mouth doesn’t stay inside your mouth, but instead, it spreads to your lips, leaving them dried out, cracked, or sore.

Obviously, lips like that aren’t going to invite a whole lot of Valentine’s Day kisses!

*Dental Problems*

Without saliva, your tooth enamel isn’t protected against acid erosion and bad bacteria. That means your teeth are going to be more susceptible to decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Quick Dry Mouth Remedies For Date Night!

Persistent dry mouth could be a sign of a larger problem going on inside your mouth, and it should be brought to your North Richland Hills, TX dentist before it threatens your oral health. We offer professional solutions for dry mouth so that won’t happen!

But for now, and especially if you have special plans for Valentine’s Day, you need quick remedies for a fresh, clean, kissably soft mouth for date night. Here are a few tips that can help:


*Chew sugarless gum or sugar-free breath mints.

*Keep lips soft and inviting with scented or flavored chapstick.

*Drink water at dinner and limit (or avoid) alcohol.

*Don’t order heavily-flavored foods like onions, garlic, or fish.

*Rinse your mouth after dinner with water or carry travel-size mouthwash.

*Get rid of tiny food particles in your mouth with a plastic flosser.


These will all help in the short-term, but for long-term solutions, visit Dr. Williams and our team so we can get to the bottom of your dry mouth and offer effective treatment.

Find Solutions For Dry Mouth!

Don’t pucker up at the end of your special date night with dry mouth! Follow our tips for soft, kissable lips and fresh, clean breath, and be sure to visit R.R. Williams DDS for dry mouth solutions if your problem persists!

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