Dental Implants Will Change Your Life! [BLOG]

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Losing a tooth is bad enough, but tooth loss on a larger scale completely changes your life.

But you can turn things around with dental implants from R.R. Williams DDS in North Richland Hills, TX!

Today, we’re talking about some of the significant ways your life can change after tooth loss, but more importantly, how securing your replacement teeth to dental implants can give you back the quality of life you deserve!

Tooth Loss Changes Everything!

The most obvious difference tooth loss makes is with your appearance. Not only will you have large gaps in your smile, but you will also start to lose bone mass in your jaw. That means your facial structure, and thus your facial appearance overall, will change.

That’s why, when people take out their dentures, they instantly look years older. The cheeks will sink in and you will develop wrinkles around the mouth.

Then there are the changes to your oral and overall health after tooth loss.

With the deterioration of your jawbone and gum tissues, you can begin to lose more teeth and become more susceptible to harmful bacteria and oral infections. And the more teeth you lose, the more function you lose, which leads to a very limited diet of bland, soft foods that require little-to-no chewing.

That’s rather joyless, not to mention all the nutrients you miss out on when you can’t pull from a wide variety of healthy foods to eat.

So you end up with a nutritional deficiency that can wreak tremendous havoc on your overall wellness.

But you can turn things around with dental implants from R.R. Williams DDS in North Richland Hills, TX!

Improve Your Quality of Life With Dental Implants!

While it’s true that tooth loss changes everything, it’s also true that dental implants can change everything… except for the better!

They are artificial roots made of biocompatible titanium that go inside the jaw to bond with your bone over time. As the jawbone strengthens and continues to grow, your bite becomes nearly as strong as it was with your natural teeth.

That’s something no other tooth replacement strategy can give you! It’s a lifetime solution that allows you to live the way you want, eat what you want, and smile with full confidence again.

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That means smiling without worrying about your missing teeth, eating all the foods you love, and enjoying a fuller, healthier life.

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