Celebrate Fall With A Beautiful Smile! [BLOG]

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At R.R. Williams, DDS, we want your smile to be everything you want it to be at every stage and milestone of your life.

That’s why we’re spending today’s blog on cosmetic dentistry so you can celebrate the new fall season looking and feeling your best!

Celebrate Fall With A Beautiful Smile!

Here are a few reasons this time of year is perfect for cosmetic smile beautification in North Richland, Hills, TX:

*Say, “Cheese!”

If you’re a college student or an educator, fall is usually when schools offer picture day. A beautiful smile in the yearbook is a great way to memorialize this time in your life.

*Identification For Work Or Play

Whether it’s time to update your photo ID for work or you need to get a passport for an upcoming vacation, you’ll have a nice smile to show off, even for important pictures!

*Fall Weddings & Reunions

You’ll definitely have reason to smile at special occasions like these! Class reunions and weddings are your chance to catch up with old friends, and to celebrate the people you care about most. Make sure your smile looks beautiful through it all!

*Holiday Parties

From Halloween to New Year’s Eve, you’ll have many chances to party over the next few months. You’ll be snapping photos and sharing them online, so you’ll want to look back on those memories feeling proud of what you see!

Celebrate The Season With Cosmetic Dentistry

Here are just a few of the many cosmetic dentistry services you can choose from at R.R. Williams, DDS so you can celebrate the season with a great-looking smile:

*Teeth Whitening Is Easy & Affordable*

It might take years for the dark pigments in coffee, red wine, and marinara sauce to leave their mark on your teeth, but fortunately, it doesn’t take long at all to start lifting those stains for a brighter, whiter smile! Our teeth whitening is powerful, yet safe, giving you an easy, affordable boost of confidence!

*Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Update Your Smile*

Many people often overlook this option because they’re fixated on cosmetic treatment options only.

But the truth is, old metal fillings that show when you smile can easily be fixed by replacing them with our composite fillings that blend in with your smile beautifully!

*Gum Reshaping Restores Balance*

Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look too small and short, stealing all the attention when you smile.

Our gum reshaping procedure in North Richland Hills, TX adjusts your gumline by gently removing extra gum tissue and exposing more of your teeth for a more balanced, appealing smile.

*Tooth Bonding For An Easy Upgrade*

For an easy smile upgrade, we can fill in minor surface damage on your tooth enamel and close small gaps between your teeth with a tooth-colored composite resin. That way, your smile looks bright, healthy, and attractive just like it did when you were younger!

*Dental Veneers Will Wow The Crowd*

If you really want to wow the crowd this fall, and every fall for years to come, dental veneers are the way to go!

With these delicate, yet durable, porcelain shells, you can conceal multiple dental flaws in a fell swoop, such as:


*Chips & Cracks

*Rough & Worn Edges


*Misshapen & Poorly Positioned Teeth

Dental veneers will give you a Hollywood smile for up to twenty years if cared for properly!

Schedule Your Consultation!

If you get started on cosmetic dentistry now, you’ll look great and feel on top of the world at all your special events of the season. And you can look back on those memories in photos and videos feeling proud of your beautiful new smile!

To schedule your cosmetic consultation in North Richland Hills, TX, call R. Renan Williams DDS today at 817-281-4801 or fill out our online form.