4 Myths About Dental Implants

4 Myths About Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a replacement option for teeth that are missing or that have been or need to be extracted. Dental implants can support any dental prosthetic from one tooth to a full set of dentures. 

As they gain popularity and awareness grows about dental implants, there are still some myths floating around that need to be dispelled. Consider these 4 myths about dental implants and the actual truth that debunks the myth. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically implanted in the jaw bone. They are made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with the bone in the jaw to form a solid bond. Once the implant has bonded with the bone, a prosthetic can be attached in the form of a crown, bridge, or dentures. A crown can replace a single tooth, a bridge can replace a small row of teeth, and dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth. Implant supported prosthetics stay more securely in place than other types and don’t require support from adjacent teeth. 

Dental Implant Myths and Truths

The following myths about dental implants have been debunked by dental professionals.

Myth 1: Implants Are Not Affordable. The cost of dental implants is higher than other tooth replacement options, which is why there is a myth that they are too expensive or unaffordable. Dental implants are less likely to be covered by dental insurance than bridges or dentures. 

Truth: Although the cost is higher, dental implants can still be affordable. Financing options are available to divide the cost into lower monthly payments, often with little or no interest. 

Myth 2: Implants Look Fake. Low quality artificial teeth can look fake. Because of this, patients are afraid that a dental implant will also look fake. 

Truth: Dental implants look very natural. Because it is anchored in the jaw in the same way a natural tooth is, and when the crown is made of high quality porcelain that resembles natural tooth enamel, a dental implant can look as realistic as your other existing teeth. 

Myth 3: Implant Placement is Painful. Because a dental implant is surgically placed in the jaw, patients sometimes worry that the procedure will be painful. 

Truth: In most cases local anesthesia is all that is needed to place a dental implant. Some patients may choose to include sedation dentistry, such as nitrous oxide or conscious oral sedation if they feel it would help them relax. Getting a dental implant is no more painful than any routine dental procedure. 


Myth 4: Implants Don’t Last. Another myth about implants is that they don’t last long; that they need to be replaced every 10-15 years. 

Truth: The dental implant itself, the part that is placed in the jaw and works like an anchor for the prosthetic, can last a lifetime. Once the implant fuses with the bone, the bond is solid and rarely will it come loose. Only the prosthetic attached to the implant, the crown, bridge, or dentures, may have to be replaced after 10-15 years if it shows signs of wear and tear. 

Questions About Dental Implants? Ask Dr. Williams 

Still have questions or concerns about dental implants? R. Renan Williams, DDS would be happy to answer any questions you may have about dental implants. After an evaluation of your oral health, Dr. Williams can determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are the highest quality option available in dentistry. Your dental health is worth it. 

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